About Trendsetter Boutique

Welcome to the fabulous world of Trendsetter Boutique, Inc., where our passion for women's fashion, accessories, and shoes shines brighter than a disco ball! Picture this: Trendsetter Boutique started as a glimmer of hope for my family during the pandemic layoff, but oh honey, it bloomed into something way sassier.

Flashback to 2020 when our website was born - I was on a mission to create a vibe where ALL women, no matter their curves or quirks, could feel like the ultimate trend-setter. Because, let's be real, a trend-setter is someone who's not just fierce in fashion but also radiates brilliance in their ideas!

Now, Trendsetter Boutique is THE spot for the modern woman, the one who rocks outfits that scream, "Watch out, world!" She's the kind who's always checking out the hottest trends, and her closet? Well, it's a constant struggle because, seriously, can a girl ever have enough clothes?

But fear not, darling! Trendsetter Boutique is here to rescue your wardrobe woes. We're all about bringing you clothes and accessories that are not just easy on the wallet but also high-quality and tailor-made just for you. And guess what? The leopard print is practically throwing a party, calling your name! So, go get 'em, girl!

We're crossing our fingers that your Trendsetter Boutique shopping spree will be as delightful as finding a hidden stash of chocolate. Happy shopping, trend-setter extraordinaire! 🛍️💖✨

Facebook: @trend.setterboutiq

Instagram: @trend.setterboutiq 

Meet The Owner

Hello, fabulous!! Lane Carr here, the creative force and heart behind Trendsetter Boutique, Inc. I'm not just a business owner; I'm your fellow taco enthusiast, cat mom, and aspiring speech-language pathology grad student, bringing a dash of unique charm to this fashion haven.

Nestled in the quaint town of Edison, Georgia, where I've called home for twenty-five years, Trendsetter Boutique is more than a store—it's a vibe. When I'm not hitting the books or carefully packaging your orders, you'll find me on Mexican dates with my hubby, indulging in girl time with my mom, or cozying up with Outer Banks and a stack of romance movies.

Now, let's talk about you. I am genuinely ecstatic that you've discovered us at Trendsetter Boutique. In a world where you have countless shopping options, I'm humbled and honored that you've chosen us. Why? Because we get it—you're a hardworking trendsetter, and you deserve the best. That's our commitment: delivering top-notch products paired with unparalleled customer service.

Trendsetter Boutique isn't just about fashion; it's a space where you can feel beautiful, worthy, and loved. Your presence on our site is a celebration, whether you're a first-time visitor, a loyal regular, or just here for a bit of window shopping. So, buckle up for a fantastic ride, and let us show you that being a trend-setter isn't just a style—it's a lifestyle. Thank you for being here and giving us the opportunity to make you shine wherever life takes you! 💫🛍️💖